Knov of The Typhoon

Martial master from Thaylar


Thrust For 13 STR (1d) Swing For 13 STR (2d-1)
Thrust For 39 STR (4d+1) Swing for 39 STR (7d-1)
Katana Cut TH Reach 1,2 DMG (sw+2) + 1(Fine) + 2 per Damage Dice (WM) (2d+6)
Katana Imp TH Reach 1 DMG (thr+1) + 1(Fine) + 2 per Damage Dice (WM) (1d+4)
Damage Resistance Legs,Arms,Hands,Feet DR 2* Torso DR 7
Dodge 8 Parry 13 Block 10
Jump Height 26in, 78in with Flying Leap, Jump Length 9ft, 27ft with Flying Leap

Poppy Stone

Shoots a bolt of lightning from the fingertip. This bolt has 1/2D 50, Max 100, Acc 3. Treat any metal armor as DR 1 against this spell! If the target is wounded, he must make a HT roll, at -1 per 2 HP suffered, or be stunned.He may attempt a HT roll each turn thereafter to recover.
Lightning behaves unpredictably around conductors. A lightning bolt cannot be fired through a metal grid, between bars, from within a car, etc. It jumps to the metal and is lost. However, the GM may (for instance) allow a wizard to shoot a lightning bolt into a metal floor. This would not electrocute those on it, but could shock them all, interrupting concentration and doing slight damage (no more than 1 point, and possibly none at all). The GM may encourage creative use of lightning until it becomes a nuisance.
Cost: Any amount up to your Magery level [since we don’t use magery, this will be your IQ-9] per second, for three seconds. The bolt does 1d6-1 burning damage per energy point.
Time to cast: 1 to 3 seconds.

Creates (or prevents) 1 inch of rain in a normal outdoor setting.
Duration: 1 hour.
Base cost: 1/10. Cost to make rain doubles in a desert or other area where rain is unnatural. Cost to prevent rain doubles in a naturally rainy or swampy area. Same cost to maintain.
Time to cast: 1 minute.

Valuables: 120 Gold
Character Point Total: 130
Unused Points: 0

Fluent Thay (0)
Accented Spoken Getian, No Literacy (2)
ST 13, DX 11, IQ 10, HT 10, HP 15, WILL 10, PER 10, FP 10 (54)
Basic Speed 5.25, Basic Move 5
Move 5
Dodge 8
Parry 12 melee with Katana, 10 Missile Weapons (4 large thrown, +2 small thrown, +0 arrows, -2 small low-tech missiles such as bolts, can’t parry high-tech projectiles)
Block 8 + 2 = 10 using Cloak to block
(Equipment) Starting Wealth $2K (Struggling so $1K) (-10)
W worn, B in backpack, S Ship
W Buff Coat(Leather) body, limbs, DR 2*(Flexible, easy to conceal, quicker to don or remove, more vulnerable to blunt trauma damage), Cost $210, Weight 16, LC 4
W Light Scale Armor DR 5 Torso
W Leather Gloves, hands, DR 2*(Same as above), Cost $30, Weight Neg, LC -
W Boots, feet, DR 2*, $80, Weight 3, LC -, Concealable as clothing
W Heavy Cloak, Defense Bonus 2, Cost $50, Weight 5, DR/HP 1/5, Can be used offensively to entangle
W Fine Katana(Shusui), Parry Modifier 0, Weight 5, ST 10 (2 handed stays ready), ST 15 (1 handed unready after attack), ST 20 (one handed stays ready), Total Cost $2600 (covered by Signature Gear)
W Backpack (Frame) Holds 100lbs of gear, Cost $100, Weight 10
S Blanket, Sleeping Blanket, Weight 4, Cost $20
S Personal Basics, Camping gear, Cost $5, Weight 1
S Tent (1-Man), Includes Ropes, No poles needed, Cost $50, Weight 5
B Torch x5, Burns for 1 hour, Weight 5, Cost $15
S Rations x10, One meal of dried meat, cheese, etc, Weight 5, Cost $20
S Wineskin, Holds 1 gallon of liquid (8lbs if water), Weight .25(8.25 when full on water), Cost $10
B Whetstone, used to sharpen tools and weapons, Weight 1, Cost $5
Weight Total: 45
Enhanced Parry with Two Handed Swords(pg 51) (5)
Intuition(pg 63) (15)
Signature Gear(pg 85) (3)
Weapon Master(Katanas)(pg 99) (20)
Impulsiveness(pg 139) (-10)
Easy To Read(pg 134) (-10)
Code Of Honor(Pirates)(pg 127) (-5)
Animal Handling (Bears) lvl 11 (pg 170) IQ/AVG IQ
1 (4)
Gunner Cannon lvl 11 (pg 179) DX/EAS DX+0 (1)
Cloak lvl 10 (pg 185) DX/AVG DX-1 (1)
Crewman(Airship) lvl 11 (pg 186) IQ/EAS IQ+1 (2)
Fast-Draw Two Handed Swords lvl 12 (pg 195) DX/EAS DX+1 (2)
First Aid lvl 12 (pg 196) IQ/EAS IQ+2 (4)
Flying Leap lvl 10 (pg 197) IQ/HAR IQ+0 (4)
Heraldry lvl 10 (pg 200) IQ/AVG IQ-1 (2)
History (Thaylar) lvl 8 (pg 200) IQ/HAR IQ-2 (1)
Holdout lvl 10 (pg 201) IQ/AVG IQ+0 (2) 4 with Buff Coat
Jumping lvl 12 (pg 204) DX/EAS DX
1 (2)
Broadsword lvl 12(pg 209) Two Handed Swords – 4 (0)
Two Handed Swords lvl 18 (pg 210) DX/AVG DX+7 (28)
Navigation(Land) lvl 9 (pg 212) IQ/AVG IQ-1 (1)
Navigation(Air) lvl 9 (pg 212) IQ/AVG IQ-1 (1)
Parry Missile Weapons lvl 12 (pg 213) DX/HAR DX+1 (8)
Power Blow lvl 8 (pg 216) WL/HAR WL-2 (1)
Search lvl 9 (pg 220) PER/AVG PER-1 (1)
Stealth lvl 10 DX/AVG DX-1 (1)
(Notable Benefits)
Weapon Master| half penalty to make Rapid Strike(-3 to each to hit), half penalty to parry more than once per turn (-2 per parry), +2 per damage dice
Fine Katana| -1 to break, +1 cutting and +1 impaling damage (sw(1d +2) +3 cut, reach 1,2) (thr(1d-1) +2 imp, reach 1)


As a child, around the age of 6, Knov witnessed a horrifying tragedy. Having lived on the border of Thaylar, the dangers were well known, but nothing short of experiencing a barbarian raid before could prepare someone for the atrocities that are committed during them. Knov’s family was quickly cut down along with his friends and neighbors. With nothing left to lose, Knov grabbed a knife and fought for his life. Out numbered and out matched, he stood no chance for victory but he refused to hesitate. If it wasn’t for a passing Guardian he surely would have died. Seeing the trouble, the Guardian, a member of the elite protectorate class, quickly assaulted the barbarians, taking down more than one hundred single handed. But it was too late for the village, and much too late for Knov’s family. Seeing the child and noting his bravery, the Guardian, a man named Zoro, offered to take him in and raise him, in a sense. Having nothing left for him in the now desolate town, Knov graciously accepted. Finding one more survivor from the chaos, a young red colt, the three left and the town faded into simply a memory. Zoro turned out to be the current head of the nation, the Thunder Blade, living in the imperial capital. Though Thaylar was odd compared to other nations as the leader of the nation lived in a dojo dedicated to training future Guardians. This new home for Knov was a welcomed one, and he began training whole heartedly to one day become a man like Zoro. Time passed and Knov became a master of the katana, as well as an experienced rider, though only the young colt, now named Red XIII, was the only horse that would allow him to ride. Becoming one of the best swordsman in the nation at the young age of 18, he gained the respect of Zoro. But it was not only militaristic arts that he learned as he was also taught the basics of working on an airship, navigation, medicine, as well hiding and searching. He quickly grew adept at the tasks he was given, though he could never seem to disguise his body language, a fact that grew problematic when attempting to learn to hide information. But he proceeded through until the day of The Journey of A Thousand Seasons began on the day of his 25th birthday. The Journey was held once every ten years to recruit more Guardians, with anyone being able to join as long as they would swear to protect Thaylar. The Journey was meant to test everything that a Guardian would need all in the guise of a simple task, finding the sacred armory and returning with weapons and armor forged by the legendary craftsman who lived there. Only vague clues were given to those who took on the journey, with the clues sounding like gibberish to most men. The day after the ceremonies were over, Knov prepared to set out for however long it would take him, but Zoro had a few more things before Knov left. The first gift to Knov was information, particularly the knowledge that it was more than just how fast you made it to the armory and back, but also about your eye for the equipment forged by the craftsmen, as your new equipment would show how much the craftsmen respected you, and if Knov was granted truly exceptional equipment he would be initiated as a future Thunder Blade, where he would prepare to protect his nation almost single handedly. But it was his second gift that signaled to Knov just how important he was to Zoro, as Zoro gave him Shinsui, the exquisite and deadly jade katana that the master crafstmen forged for Zoro long ago, as well as the very blade that saved Knov’s life so many years ago. As Zoro turned away and bid Knov fairwell, Knov vowed to honor Zoro’s belief in him and set out on Red XIII with only the vaguest clues as to what direction he needed to head in search of the Sacred Armory.

After a few days/weeks travel, Knov found (Starting Location), where he decided it would be a good idea to rest and reorient himself before heading back off on his journey. After storing away his horse, he headed into the local tavern for a drink and perhaps some information. Upon entering the tavern, Knov became painfully aware of how far he had traveled, as his clothing was markedly different in style compared to the rest of the patrons, and he recognized very few of the facial features he had been accustomed to seeing back in Thaylar, and it seems he was not the only one aware of how much he stood out. It seems a few particularly brutish looking men also managed to notice the Shinsui at his side, as they approached Knov with a rather hideous grin on their faces. Perhaps this group was known for violence, or maybe it was just the patrons of this tavern that understood when a fight was brewing, but moments after the thugs stood up, a circle had been cleared for the meeting. The thugs slowly surrounded Knov, and as the circle was complete, the biggest man stepped forward and demanded the sword. Then, it was over. The horde of brutes collapsed on the floor, and Knov headed over to a free seat and requested “Give me whatever you think is good, their treat.” The stunned silence of the crowd lasted until a grunt was heard from one of the goons on the ground, at which point everyone dived back into their own discussions. That is, everyone but a single man who walked over to join Knov. “Nice goin’ there, almost missed it. I take it you do that often?”
“Often enough that that wasn’t much of a challenge.”
“Good enough for me, I’ve got a proposition for you. Name’s The Hair. I own a small airship, got a crew going as well. But we’re a little lacking on heavy hitters, and I think you’re just the man we need. We’ve got a place for your horse, you’ll get food and a free ride as well as a place to sleep and some reasonable pay. I take it you’re on that pilgrimage? Join us and we’ll gladly help you reach the locations you get out of the clues. So, what d’you say?”
“Hmmm, sounds like a deal.”
“Great! Any other talents you got that could help on the ship?”
“A few things, actually. Safe to say I’ll be able to pull my weight when it comes to ship maintenance and the like.”

Knov of The Typhoon

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