Bheris Isles


Traditionally, the Bheris Isles have been a symbol of peace and idyllic prosperity in Lyzha. Bheris, the largest island, is large and flat, with plenty of rainfall, making it perfect farmland.

However, with the onset of the Uzra War, Bheris became a key strategic waypoint for Ayrela and Gett, and soon its green fields were trampled under the feet of thousands of soldiers.

As the war came to a climax and the two nations focused their efforts on the key island, and things seemed unable to get any worse, Vynimus Prime struck the center of the island, unleashing an onslaught of mindless golems who mechanically slaughtered every single human on the island chain, including the vast and powerful armies of both world powers.

Since then, the islands have been cut off from the rest of the world, as the Vynimite golems have killed any messengers or explorers who approached the island. The mysteries of who is controlling the golems and what, exactly, Vynimus Prime is, remain unsolved.

Of particular note is the Faera island chain, which has become so saturated with Vynimite that it has torn itself free of the earth and now floats several kilometers above the ocean.

Bheris Isles

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