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Like Ayrela, Gett can trace its history back to the barbarian tribes of Zha. But unlike Ayrela, which was built through war and hardship, Gett began as an alliance of ambitious, skilled craftsmen in the fertile south. These people settled in the delta of the River Thaf, and traded their wares with neighboring barbarians and nomads for profit. Over time, their settlement attracted more and more people, and by 284 Gett was the most prosperous and economically advanced civlization in the world.

Over the following two-and-a-half centuries, Gett spread its control over a vast amount of territory in the south and west of Zha. By 559, Gett owned almost one-third of the land in the entire world, and was home to over half of human population.

In 546, Emperor Harthus ordered an unprecedented attack on Ayrela in a bid to claim even more territory. Ayrela, who had peacefully tolerated Gett up until then, responded to the invasion with extreme force. The well-trained Ayrelan military, led by the elite Ayrelan Solidar, pushed Gett’s military to its very limits, despite being hugely outnumbered. The conflict, known as the Uzra War, raged for over a decade, forcing Gett to draft hundreds of thousands of its citizens, and heavily tax the rest in a desperate bid to survive against the overwhelming might of the Ayrelan warriors.

After the Vyniman Event, Gett’s military was crippled, and what remained of the Ayrelan Solidar made a direct strike at the capital, slaughtering the entire royal family before eventually being subdued. After years of martial law, and with no recognized ruler in sight, the disgruntled Getian people rebelled. Despite the High Priest Zoan’s attempt at taking control of the situation, the grand Gett province splintered into several different independent states, leaving Zoan to rule a mere fraction of the original Gett territory.

Fractured States

These are the states which once composed the Gett empire:


Gett is also the name of the capital city, which is one of the most impressive historical cities in Lyzha. The High Priest Zoan has funneled most of Gett’s remaining resources into preserving the historical treasures of the city.


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