The Getian language is possibly the oldest language in the world, tracing its roots to prehistoric Athiq. It is still spoken in Gett, Ythris, Jemi, Athiq, and Nortgett. The inhabitants of the Bheris Isles spoke a dialect of Getian with strong influences from Ayrelan.


Ayrelan has its roots in the barbarian tongues of the northern Relia Mountains. It is considered a holy language by the Ayrelan people, and is therefore not allowed to be spoken by any outsiders. Many Ayrelans have learned Getian in order to communicate with the rest of the world.


Thay is spoken only in Thaylar, and there are few Getians or Ayrelans who have learned it beyond enterprising traders and pirates.


Neuan is the traditional language of Neuwe, though its roots are uncertain. It shares very few similarities to the Getian of its neighbors, so is very difficult for outsiders to learn.


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