Previously unknown to Lyzha, this deep cobalt crystal appeared all at once during the Vyniman Event. It has a handful of odd properties which are yet to be fully understood, and these properties can only be activated through some form of telepathy, where tuners can mentally coax the mineral into performing its myriad abilities.

Its known properties include powerful levitation, fluorescence, the ability to spontaneously cool down or heat up, and bridging a very rudimentary sort of mental link between two tuners.

Character Creation

Being a tuner requires the Unusual Background (Tuner) advantage. Every level of this advantage costs 15 points, and grants a +1 bonus to Concentration rolls made when distracted from your task. You may perform everyday, non-strenuous tasks while tuning at any level of the advantage. At level 3, you may perform combat but must make a Concentration roll every turn of combat.


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